Hello Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta Members and Alberta Patriots

Below are a few facts for WIPA Members to clarify some of the false narrative being put out by the former Provincial Board.  There have been repeated claims that a "Minority Group of 40 or so" members "Took Over" the AGM.  The Facts tell a different story.

Voting results for the positions of President, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary:

Registered In Person for the AGM 186. 164 picked up badges.

Voting was conducted by paper ballot handed out to all In Person Registrants.

  • President, Angela Tabak, 139/164 or 85% in favour. 25 against.
  • Chief Financial Officer, Allan Wesley, 139/164 or 85% in favour. 25 against.
  • Secretary, Gord Elliott, 136/164 or 83% in favour. 28 against.

Online Voting was conducted by Hands Up/Down vote:

  • President, Angela Tabak, 51 votes in favour, 3 opposed.
  • Chief Financial Officer, Allan Wesley, 51 votes in favour, 5 opposed.
  • Secretary, Gord Elliott, 49 votes in favour.

                          Robert Klebanov, 6 votes in favour.


  • President, Angela Tabak, 190 votes in favour.
  • Chief Financial Officer, Allan Wesley, 190 votes in favour.
  • Secretary, Gord Elliott, 185 votes in favour.


A few facts for WIPA Members to clarify some of the false narrative being put out by the former Provincial Board.

  • There have been repeated claims made that a "Minority Group of forty or so" members "Took Over" the AGM. If you were in attendance, you already know that statement is false. For those of you who were not in the room, the voting tallies above tell a much different story.
  • The majority of the members in the room and on-line did not agree with the Provincial Boards agenda that was only given to the membership on the morning of the AGM, and, included a speaker, or speakers who were not even WIPA members and could even be considered hostile to the founding principles of the Wildrose Independence Party.  There was no allowance for changes to the agenda.
  • The members did not receive any of the required documentation including previous AGM Minutes, Audited Financial Statements, and Executive Reports, in advance of the AGM to allow members the opportunity to review these critical documents.  Yet they were expected to approve the agenda as presented.
  • Voting to fill the open positions on the Board did not include many of the members who submitted their application fee and resume. These members were only informed of their rejection a few days in advance of the AGM. Reason for rejection was not based on the nominees’ credentials but simply because they had made statements disagreeing with the current board. Actual qualifications were ignored.
  • From the outset of the meeting, reference to “Following the By-Laws” was repeated over and over. However, below is one extremely glaring lapse of the By-Laws when the Board, without any discussion with the membership, took it upon themselves to remove the Party Leader, Paul Hinman and appoint an Interim Leader, in direct contravention of;

By-Law VIII, The Leader, Leadership Review and Vacancy:

1. During every Member’s Assembly, after the Leader’s Report, the Board of Governors shall ask each attending member, “do you want a Leadership Election to be called”?

i. Voting shall be by secret ballot.

ii. The total number of votes cast as well as the totals for and against the question will be reported to the Assembly before the end of that day’s session.

2. If the members vote in favor of a Leadership Election, the Office of the Leader will immediately be vacant.

  • Please know that the current Board of Governors are working diligently to bring honour, stability, and order back to the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta. If the former Board of Governors has any sense of their moral obligations, they would realize that the membership has no confidence in their leadership whatsoever and step down in an honourable fashion.



In case you missed it, below is a Utube link to an interview by Cory Morgan on the Western Standard with Paul Hinman and newly elected Board President, Angela Tabak.  The interview starts at the 19:45 Mark.  Enjoy


Another short video clip of the former President Rick Northey as he left the AGM in disgrace.