MAY 25, 2020 | No. 6

Management offer to the APTS-FIQ alliance

After two weeks of dead silence, on May 21 the Treasury Board Secretariat called the APTS-FIQ alliance's representatives to a meeting. The management side tabled a written proposal. This submission had also been presented to all the public-sector unions.

This proposal reiterates the main aspects of the exploratory offer that management had presented on April 27. What's different now is that the Treasury Board Secretariat is proposing separate bargaining sessions for sectoral matters. Management seems to have toned down its urgent push for a tentative agreement, and is now proposing a pace of talks that, while unremitting, will allow us to tackle the overall set of isssues raised by our members.

The government presented the same salary parameters as at the outset of negotiations last December:

April 1, 2020

1.75% pay increase + lump-sum payment proportional to hours worked

April 1, 2021

1.75% pay increase + lump-sum payment proportional to hours worked

April 1, 2022

1.5% pay increase for rankings 12 to 28

For the APTS, it is imperative that the focus of the talks be re-centred on working conditions, as our members are suffering. Longstanding problems with the organization of work and work overload need to be addressed now. These problems have persisted for many years and are being exacerbated by the COVID crisis.

Given that this proposal -– which is not exploratory –- was presented in writing, the APTS-FIQ alliance can consult its respective bargaining structures.

In keeping with the bargaining structure and democratic principles of the APTS, the delegation will have the opportunity to review the key aspects of the management proposal at our General Council meeting on May 29 and June 1.